St Cloud Ballroom Dance Club

Dance Etiquette & FAQs


The Etiquette of Social Ballroom Dance

  • Seek consent before dancing with someone, be gracious if turned down or turning someone down.
  • Respect everyone’s physical boundaries. Be sensitive to other people’s personal space, including dance floor space and physical proximity.
  • Do not make unwanted advances and be attentive to how an individual is responding to you, including their body language. Apologize if miscommunication occurs. 
  • Dance safely! Avoid movements that could cause injury. 
  • Be accepting of the diversity of people, values, and lifestyles that come with a vibrant dance community.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have two left feet. Should I even bother to come?

Yes! People at all levels of experience attend weekly. The more seasoned dancers are always willing to help you out if you want and need it. Also, our dances start out with covering the basics, so you'll never be left behind.

What if I don't have a dance partner?

Everyone is welcome! Couples and singles alike join the fun each week. During the lesson, partners are frequently rotated so you can dance with many others. People continue to change up who they dance with throughout the evening and, oftentimes, we will have mixers and line dances so your feet can always be moving across the dance floor.

It's my date night. Do I have to rotate partners and dance with others?

Not at all! If you'd prefer to stay with the person you came with throughout the night, just wave people on by when they start to rotate during the lesson. We understand that time with the ones we love can be limited throughout the week, and it's fun to learn and grow in partner dance with someone you are comfortable with.

I don't have one of those sparkling dance costumes to wear. Can I just come in my jeans?

There is no formal dress code here at the St. Cloud Ballroom Dance Club, however, most people usually dress up rather than down. It's common to see women in a casual dress or nice top and a skirt, and men to be dressed in slacks and a button-up shirt, sometimes with a tie.

What kind of dances can I learn?

A lot of them! We have taught a mix of Smooth and Latin dances, anywhere from Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Swing, and many others! In general, an entire month is dedicated to one particular style of dance so that if you attend regularly, you can gain confidence with the steps of each dance. On occasion, we offer a variety month where some of the less common dances are introduced.

 Since dance is exercise can I just attend the dance at the end of my usual workout? 

Well yes and no. If you are coming from a workout please bring a change of clothes and use the bathroom facilities to attend to hygiene needs so that you are refreshed and ready for an evening of social dance.