St Cloud Ballroom Dance Club

About Us

At St. Cloud Ballroom Dance Club, while we strive to assist each member and guest to develop their dancing skills, we’re also here to pursue our dance passion and have fun. We try to create a relaxed, easy atmosphere where people can socialize. You're welcome to bring a special someone to spend the evening with, but you're also welcome to come by yourself and dance with everyone! Ballroom dancing is not only an active evening out, but also an opportunity to:

  • Try something new in a safe and friendly environment

  • Polish your skills and have a place to dance right in St. Cloud

  • Share your knowledge with others

  • Have fun and make new friends

Lessons begin at 5:30pm and last 45 minutes. A variety dance follows, which lasts until 8:00pm. Admission for non-members is $10, and $5 for members. For more information on becoming a member, click here. All dances are smoke-free and alcohol-free. While there is no formal dress code, most people dress up, rather than down, and present in a dressy-casual sort of attire. Singles, couples, and beginners are welcome.